Maxine Waters featured at Downing St. memo town hall

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), a prominent voice calling for the Bush administration to end the war in Iraq, is the featured speaker at a town hall meeting and teach-in on the third anniversary of the Downing Street memo July 23 in Inglewood, Calif.

Calif. gov cuts mag ties, but concerns remain

Responding to widespread criticism, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last week cut his financial ties to bodybuilding magazines that were paying him millions of dollars. But observers, including elected officials and experts on political ethics, raked him over the coals for initially rejecting calls to end the payments and then refusing to return funds already received.

Tinkering with Patriot Act simply isnt enough

Congress is taking up the renewal of various provisions of the USA Patriot Act amid persistent concerns about the law’s antidemocratic character and sweeping reach. These concerns were no doubt heightened by last week’s revelation that law-abiding groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and United for Peace and Justice were recently spied on by the FBI.


Immigrant rights are civil rights, meeting says

OAKLAND, Calif. — Calling the movement for immigration reform a “new civil rights movement of the 21st century,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) electrified participants in a labor and community conference here July 16 as she urged a united struggle for immigrant rights, civil rights and an end to the war in Iraq.


L.A. in turmoil over police shooting of toddler

LOS ANGELES — The shooting death of 19-month-old Susie Marie Lopez by Los Angeles police officers July 10 in Watts could prove to be not only a legal and public relations problem for the Los Angeles Police Department, but a major political problem for its chief, William J. Bratton.

Immigration agents impersonate OSHA officers

Forty-eight immigrant workers were doing their best to follow the law when they showed up at what they were told was a mandatory OSHA training at their job site in Goldsboro, N.C. The immigrants, from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Ukraine, were served coffee and donuts, then arrested and scheduled for deportation by fake OSHA inspectors. The impersonators turned out to be agents of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, carrying out a cruel and dangerous sting operation.


Rove: out of White House, into jail?

WASHINGTON — It is an open question whether Karl Rove, deputy White House chief of staff, will keep out of jail, given the flood of evidence that he broke the law in identifying covert CIA operative Valerie Plame to reporters. But backstabbing and dirty tricks have been Rove’s weapons of choice in Texas for 35 years, according to people who have followed his career in the Lone Star State. Click here for Spanish text

Ormet steelworkers fight for jobs, health care

WOODSFIELD, Ohio — For eight months now, 1,300 steelworkers and their families in this rural area along the Ohio River have been courageously holding the line. In November, a bankruptcy court gave the go-ahead to Ormet Corp. to dump retirees’ health care and implement a wage-cutting package. Since then, Steelworkers Locals 5724 and 5760 have had picket lines up in an unfair labor practices strike.


L.A. janitors take on big aerospace

LOS ANGELES — Some 500 Los Angeles janitors are standing up to the nation’s giant aerospace corporations here. Click here for Spanish text


Objection!!!: Supreme Court nominee seen as threat to women, labor, racial equality

WASHINGTON — Hours after President George W. Bush nominated John G. Roberts to the Supreme Court, fighters for human rights bombarded the Senate with demands that they reject him on grounds he is an enemy of women’s equality, labor rights and voting rights. Roberts’ nomination threatens to push the nation’s highest court further to the right for years to come, they said

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