Antiwar rally: Not one more life for a lie

FALL RIVER, Mass. — More than 200 people rallied at Bristol Community College here July 6 to demand an end to the war in Iraq.

Indiana AFSCME workers condemn govs attack

INDIANAPOLIS — Maintaining her fighting spirit, Ruby James said, “The union is you! It is not something separate from the members. We rally around and fight for fair treatment.”

National Clips

PITTSBURGH: Pass Employee Free Choice Act; MINNEAPOLIS: Minnesota reopens; RICHMOND, Va.: ‘Capitalism is killing our land’; CHICAGO: Librarians call for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq; TERRE HAUTE, Ind.: Peltier abruptly moved

New Yorkers step up call for safer subways

NEW YORK — After the devastating attacks on London’s mass transit system earlier this month, New York City’s subway workers, riders and city officials have taken the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) to task for failing to create safe conditions for straphangers.

Minnesota unionists appeal for unity

MINNEAPOLIS (PAI) — Concerned that rancorous debate among national unions could irreparably harm the future of the labor movement, Minnesota unionists are issuing a call for unity.

London unites against terror and war

As the death toll from the July 7 terrorist bombings in London climbed to 52, labor and antiwar groups voiced anger and revulsion against both terrorism and the Iraq war.

Folks back home defend Social Security from Republicans

PITTSBURGH — “Dear congressperson: What part of ‘no privatization, no private accounts to replace Social Security’ don’t you understand?”

Pressure mounts: Fire Karl Rove!

WASHINGTON — A grim silence fell on the White House this week as reporters pummeled administration spokesmen with questions about Karl Rove’s role in blowing the cover of Valerie Plame, a CIA covert agent, two years ago.

NAACPs Bond hammers Bushites as true deceivers

MILWAUKEE — In a keynote speech repeatedly interrupted by applause, cheers and cries of “You’ve got that right!” from over 3,000 delegates and guests, Julian Bond minced few words at the NAACP’s 96th national convention here. He squarely challenged the Bush administration’s policies on many issues, including court appointments, voting rights, affirmative action and the Iraq war.

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