Israelis see their own nation as neighborhood bully

You can see Lebanon from my sister’s backyard. She and her family and thousands of others in northern Israel live with a constant roar of gunfire — mostly from Israeli cannons aiming to kill Lebanese, occasionally from a Hezbollah shell that might land on them.

U.S. troops in Paraguay attract attention

In Paraguay observers from 10 countries were on hand from the Campaign for Disarmament of the Americas to monitor 500 U.S. troops stationed there for the past year.

Tucsons Grannies rage against Iraq war

TUCSON, Ariz. — On July 13 a year ago, five Raging Grannies were arrested here for protesting the war on Iraq. Their alleged crime was entering a military recruiting office and asking to enlist in the U.S. Army, so young soldiers stationed in Iraq could safely return home.

Groups returning from Cuba face U.S. govt harassment

“We won’t pay any fines, and we will demand our rights at Washington hearings, and we’ll kick up a fuss for a change in the policy to Cuba.” That was Ellen Bernstein, spokesperson for the New York- based ecumenical group Pastors for Peace.

World protests over Israeli assault

Demonstrations against Israel’s war on Lebanon and its continuing assault on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip took place in at least 15 countries and in scores of cities on July 22-23.


Mideast death toll renews call for cease-fire

His body riddled with shrapnel, Wissam Abdullah, 14, spoke from his hospital bed in the southern Lebanese port city of Sidon. Wissam is one of the few survivors of an Israeli bombing attack that killed most of his extended family as they fled the Lebanese border village of Marwaheen July 15.

Stop the Israeli assault on Lebanon and Gaza

The Communist Party USA strongly condemns the Israeli assault on Lebanon which has killed almost 300 mostly civilian Lebanese in its first eight days. Infrastructure has been smashed, thousands of people have been driven from their homes, tens of thousands more have fled the country and a cloud of fear hangs over the region.

Look whos been kidnapped!

Anyone who believes that despite the lack of transparency, the IDF and Shin Bet do their best to minimize violations of human rights is naïve, if not brainwashed. One need only read the testimonies of soldiers who have carried out administrative detentions to be convinced of the depth of the immorality of our actions in the territories.

EDITORIAL: The tragedy of Iraq

An average of more than 100 Iraqi civilians are being killed every day, the United Nations reported July 18 — the highest rate since George W. Bush launched his war. The report, based on Iraqi government figures, says 14,338 civilians — men, women and children — have died in violence in the first six months of this year — 3,149 in June alone.


Peace Action focuses on November elections

DETROIT — Peace Action, the nation’s largest grassroots peace organization, held its National Congress here July 14-15 and November’s elections were a topic throughout.

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