High pesticide exposure found among migrant workers

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — It could be a father hugging his children after a day’s work in the tobacco field, or pesticide residue on his clothing washed with family laundry. Maybe it was children playing in farming fields outside their homes.

Faulty seals a factor in Sago mine blast

BUCKHANNON, W. Va. (PAI) - Faulty seals in an abandoned part of the Sago, W. Va., coal mine were one factor in the lethal Jan. 2 blast that killed 12 miners and injured a 13th, a new West Virginia state report says.


Giant tollway to bisect Texas

DALLAS — Although a conspiratorial secrecy shrouds much of the plan, Texans are beginning to find out that tens of thousands of acres will be taken from them to create an incredibly wide transportation corridor running the length of the state from north to south.