Whos got my number?

The people on the other end of the line all sound so young and cheery. “NSA Public and Media Affairs, how can I help you?” the young woman says. “I’d like to know if the NSA has copies of my phone records,” I reply.

Truth and a wish for New Orleans

On a recent visit back to New Orleans I looked out onto Lake Pontchartrain. A dry breeze lifted the water into waves that shimmered in the sun: beautiful, despite the filthy floodwater the lake had devoured. Everything about the city is sad, including the beautiful parts that remain, because they make the loss of the rest of it so obvious.

Housing bubble threatening to burst

Fed fights inflation by increasing unemployment and lowering wages ‘Banker’s-eye view’ of the economy Home sales and prices, both down

Gulf Coast Update

Higher jobless rates Sheriff’s statements ‘overtly racist’ Entergy New Orleans seeks 25 percent rate boost Flood or hurricane? Insurers seek to avoid payments