UN rights body: Cuba, Belarus dont need special monitors

UNITED NATIONS — The UN Human Rights Council, meeting in Geneva mid-June, voted unanimously that neither Cuba nor Belarus need “human rights rapporteurs,” special UN investigators who look into alleged human rights abuses.


BBC interviews Cuban 5 prisoner

On July 2, BBC News broadcast a television interview conducted by reporter Claire Bolderson with Gerardo Hernandez, one of five Cuban men incarcerated in U.S jails since 1998 for defending Cuba against terrorism. Publicity like this for the Cuban Five is extremely rare.

July 14: World Notes

Syria: Iraqi immigration causes disruption Indonesia: Workers’ rights almost nonexistent Mozambique: Renewed attention to agrarian reform Chile: Subcontracted copper miners strike Italy: Center-left coalition puts pensions back in budget

Heat wave in Europe breaks 100-year record

ATHENS, Greece — A severe nine-day heat wave in Europe has broken 100-year temperature records. Throughout southern Europe and the Balkans, unusually high temperatures caused many deaths, including 29 in Romania where temperatures reached 113 degrees in Bucharest, the highest in 90 years.

July 14: National Clips

COLUMBIA, S.C.: Antiwar veterans tour bases, get arrested RICHMOND, Va.: Support Republicans, lose your seat TUCSON, Ariz.: Immigrant death toll climbs in heat JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.: Law restricts abortion, sex ed NEW YORK: Rent goes up, again


Communists map agenda for unity, progressive change

NEW YORK — The mood was upbeat as leaders of the Communist Party and invited guests met here July 7-8. Buoyed by the sea change in the country’s atmosphere since last fall’s congressional elections, meeting participants analyzed the impact of that change on the labor and people’s movements. The meeting also projected a course of struggle in the new political landscape.

Metal workers strike on eve of SACP meet

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa - It’s winter in South Africa and without the central heating those of us who come from northern climates are used to, its mighty cold. But the sun shines bright as do the prospects for the upcoming convention of the South African Communist Party (SACP) that will be held from July 11-15 here.

Awards show honors Black artists

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Although the Black Entertainment Television Awards doled out awards to some of the most celebrated performers on June 26, from Beyonce to Jennifer Hudson, it was the show’s tributes to living legends and recently departed giants that evoked the most emotion.

Two celebrations on 4th of July

The Fourth of July was really two celebrations of independence. Firecrackers, bottle rockets, sizzling grills, cold beer and kids running around with sparklers all reminded us of the day “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary …” But at the end of the day of the first revolution, 4 million African people — now African Americans — remained in chains.


The hard question Profits from moon vs. social progress Peace grannies carry on

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