EDITORIAL: Hungry for change

Karl Marx once noted, “The rate of profit is the motive power of capitalist production. Things are produced only as long as they can be produced with a profit.” Does this apply to food?

EDITORIAL: A welcome pledge

After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the United States had the chance to do something good and right, Barack Obama said in a major Iraq policy speech this week. But a failure of leadership and ideas on the part of the Bush administration led us down the wrong path.

LETTERS: July 19

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Texas agency defies history

A fruitful way to understand the fanatical efforts of America’s right wing is to realize that they want to turn back the clock and the calendar. Their efforts are clearest within the Texas Education Agency, where crazy scandals are epidemic.


Justice for immigrants is a united effort

As I left the theater after watching “The Visitor” I started thinking about all the things we have lost in the last eight years. Loss of civil liberties and justice are a couple of the main casualties that have been delivered to the working class behind the veil of the “war on terror.” This movie highlights the human victims of the terrorism that has been used against all of us.

Drama grows over Calif.s overdue budget

The drama is intensifying around California’s budget for the fiscal year starting July 1. Last week the Legislature’s Budget Conference Committee announced a counterproposal to roll back many of the draconian cuts to health, education and social services proposed by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.