Peru: Workers, peasants mount general strike Somalia: U.S. complicit in humanitarian disaster Saudi Arabia: Domestic workers abused, exploited Britain, Ireland: Unions protest Israeli crimes Japan: Guests pressure G8 host Panama: A measure of justice but more is needed Panama: A measure of justice but more is needed

Palestinians hit by food and water crises

Three United Nations agencies have warned of a decline in Palestinian living standards, with a new report showing that high food prices and falling incomes are forcing families to manage with less and lower quality food.

Irelands No vote challenges pro-business pact

The people of Ireland voted resoundingly against the Lisbon Treaty in a popular referendum vote June 13. The vote was 53.4 percent “No.” Opponents of the pact said the vote demonstrated the strong will of the Irish working people to reject a treaty that serves only the interests of big business and the military.