Restructuring puts people on the streets

The deepening crisis in the airline industry claimed its latest victims recently with the announcement from DHL Express that it would close the Wilmington, Ohio, hub and that it would partner with United Parcel Service to contract out its North American airlift operations.

Too many children left behind, groups say

Two new national groups, the Task Force for A Broader, Bolder Approach to Education and the Education Equality Project, have denounced the No Child Left Behind Law as a failure and called for a new course for education that will bring about equal opportunity and educational excellence for the neediest students.


In Miami, stirrings of change

Relations with Cuba are regularly a major issue in U.S. election campaigns – local and national – in the important state of Florida, especially South Florida. And usually the most anti-Cuban-government voice wins.

High crimes charge leveled at Bush, Cheney

Efforts to impeach and even prosecute President Bush are gaining wider support as anger mounts over his administration’s disregard for the Constitution and what many see as its continuing gross negligence and criminal behavior.

Big lies from Big Oil

The proposal by President Bush and Sen. John McCain to lift the federal ban on offshore oil drilling will do nothing to reduce gasoline prices but will risk permanent damage to the coastal waters and marine wildlife, according to environmentalists and energy experts.

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