Homeowners, tenants still waiting for help

With 8,000 homeowners hit by foreclosure each day, legislation to meet the crisis ought to be high on the Capitol Hill agenda. But fighters for decent, affordable housing say the Bush administration and Republican lawmakers are blocking action.

Gun ruling controversy heats up in Chicago

CHICAGO — Every day 82 people die due to gun violence throughout the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control. Chicago Public School officials say 27 students have died by gunfire since September 2007. One weekend here left nine people dead in 36 shootings and the week after that five people were found shot to death inside a pillaged South Side home. Chicago Police Department statistics show that from 2004 to November 2007 there were 43,685 firearms-related crimes in Chicago.


Chicago resolution rejects anti-immigrant rhetoric

CHICAGO – CNN’s Lou Dobbs has made a name and lots of money for himself by railing against immigrants, contributing to an atmosphere of hate and fear. When that happens, sometimes you have to say, “Enough!”