Obama trip spotlights new direction for U.S. foreign policy

Barack Obama appeared to have scored a major success in projecting “commander-in-chief” ability and foreign policy savvy in his visits to Afghanistan and Iraq last week, and continued that path as he traveled to Jordan, Israel, the West Bank and then on to Western Europe.


Economic meltdown: We need a new, green New Deal!

“Recession” just doesn’t seem to adequately describe the hits workers are taking today. In the old days “recession” meant an economic downturn, unemployment and scrimping and cutting back until better days returned. The current super-recession is putting us through much more hell than most of the “recessions” anyone can remember.

New scorecard flunks U.S. health system

A new national scorecard issued by the Commonwealth Fund’s Commission on a High Performance Health System gives failing scores to the U.S. health care system. The U.S. scores an average of 65 out of a possible 100 across 37 key indicators in the areas of health outcomes, quality of care, access, efficiency and equity.

Edwards campaigns to end poverty

Surrounded by an enthusiastic, multi-racial gathering of union and community residents, Senator John Edwards unveiled his Half in Ten campaign at Steel Point in Bridgeport, Connecticut last Thursday in the hot afternoon sun.

Netroots Nation event ends with call for unity

The several thousand strong Netroots Nation conference ended in Austin Texas on Sunday with a rousing presentation by Van Jones of Green for All who endorsing Al Gore's call for a 10 year plan ending US use of non-renewable energy called for a New Deal approach to aggressively achieving it.

Gore, Obama at Netroots Nation conference stress renewable energy, grassroots activism

“This is about a new direction for the American people,” said Howard Dean at a rally at the Netroots Nations conference in Austin, Texas over weekend. The Netroots Nation conference gathered some 3000 blogger-activists. Dean was among a number of Democrats attending the four-day long meet, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore. Gore received a number of standing ovations and called on the assembled bloggers to aid a campaign to within a decade insure all energy used in the US is based on renewable sources.

Latinos for Obama maps massive national campaign

“I’m not taking a single Latino vote for granted,” Sen. Barack Obama promised thousands at the National Council of La Raza’s national conference here, July 13.


Low income tenants fight to save their homes

Dozens of tenants at the California Hotel won a small but significant victory July 11, when a judge ordered the building’s owner and managers to keep the hotel open and maintain utilities, managerial and security services pending a further court hearing on July 30.

Alliance to register 500,000 immigrants, get a million to polls

One of the main slogans of the massive marches which started three years ago for a just and comprehensive reform of immigration laws was, “Today we march, tomorrow we vote.”

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