Palestinian workers in West Bank sue for rights

This month, five Palestinian female workers from a factory in the Israeli settlement of Barkan, in the West Bank, expect to find themselves in a Jerusalem court. They are part of a group of 21 women embroiled in a long-running legal battle with their employer, Israeli company Royalife, which manufactures bed linen for export to Europe, Turkey and the United States.

Hillary Clinton arrives in New Delhi

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in New Delhi on Sunday under tight security to launch what he described as the third phase of the strategic partnership with India. She identified the areas to be included in this new cooperation phase as climate, agriculture, health and education.

Mandela reaches 91st birthday

Nelson Mandela's supporters have celebrated the anti-apartheid icon's 91st birthday yesterday by emulating him with good deeds. Mr Mandela had called on people to spend time doing good on the first Mandela Day, which his charity foundation hopes will be an annual event.

Reactions from Ghana on Obama visit

ACCRA, Ghana -- Nearly one week after President Barack Obama’s visit to Ghana, a sense of excitement and expectation remains in the air here.

Zelaya gives coup leaders ultimatum

The mediator in Honduras's political crisis is looking increasingly discredited after proposing further talks between the ousted president and the leader of the right-wing coup. Costa Rican President Oscar Arias has scheduled the further talks to take place tomorrow.

US pulling out from Manta military base in Ecuador

The United States stopped Friday its operations at the Manta military base, on the Ecuadorian coast, and started the process for its definitive withdrawal from that military camp, occupied since 1999.

Did Zelaya violate the constitution?

The mediation efforts of Costa Rican President Oscar Arias in the Honduran situation seem to be headed for failure. Elected, yet deposed, President Manuel Zelaya says he is the only legitimate head of state, as does the entire world. The coup president, Roberto Micheletti, says he is the constitutional president and the military coup was a normal succession to power.

Venceremos Brigade sends open letter to President Obama

On August 3rd, 2009, over 140 of us will be returning from Cuba without a government license — in defiance of the travel restrictions and economic embargo that our government has imposed on that nation for close to 50 years.

Colombian government targets Communist leader

This July, the Colombian Communist Party (PCC) marked its 79th anniversary. Its newsweekly Voz - the “only national opposition newspaper in the country,” according to a U.K. solidarity web site - published a 2500th issue in July and observed its 52nd anniversary.

Hillary Clinton outlines new mindset for U.S. foreign policy

WASHINGTON — In a wide-ranging speech at the Council on Foreign Relations today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlined how the Obama adminstration’s foreign policy aims to reshape the U.S. role in the world.

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