Israeli troops seize aid ship

Israeli commandos have seized the crew of a ship carrying aid to Gaza and forced the vessel to sail to an Israeli port. The Israeli military said that it had boarded The Spirit of Humanity as it tried to break Tel Aviv's siege of the territory last night. The 21 solidarity activists aboard had ignored a radio message warning that they would not be allowed to enter Gazan waters.

Defeated Mousavi says Iran's new gov't 'illegitimate'

Iran's defeated presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi said in a statement posted on his website on Wednesday that Iran's new government is 'illegitimate.' 'From now on ...the majority of society, of which I am a member, will not accept its (the new government's) legitimacy,' the statement said.

Israel threatens and boards Gaza aid ship

Solidarity activists have called on Tel Aviv to 'call off their attack dogs' after commandos boarded their converted ferry and threatened to arrest them unless they turned back from Gaza. The Spirit of Humanity, which left Larnaca on Monday with three tons of medical supplies, toys and building materials, was scheduled to arrive at the besieged territory this afternoon.

'Underlying conditions' for Honduras coup?

The generals, oligarchs and corrupt politicians who perpetrated Sunday’s coup d’état against Honduran president Manuel Zelaya are beginning to sweat as militant demonstrations and strikes continue in the capital of Tegucigalpa and elsewhere, as stories of possible dissent on the part of military units begin to surface, and as the entire world expresses its repudiation of what Venezuelan president Chavez correctly called a reversion to “troglodyte” (cave man) methods of changing governments.

Shanghai construction disaster leads to arrests

Shanghai authorities have announced that they are holding nine people in an investigation into why a nearly completed block of flats collapsed, killing one worker. The incident on Saturday was an embarrassment for Shanghai's leaders as they prepare to showcase the city - one of China's wealthiest and the most modern - during the 2010 World Expo.

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