Congressional hearing looks into Wells Fargo predatory lending

An epic legal showdown between Wells Fargo bank and the city of Baltimore will occur on Monday July 6 in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge Benson E. Legg. The city of Baltimore is suing the bank for engaging in deliberate predatory lending practices that targeted Black and Latino consumers. Judge Legg will decide on whether the case can go forward.

Climate bill moves to Senate

Coalitions of labor and environmental groups cheered the passage of the historic climate change legislation in the House last month. But the hard work for a similar bill in the Senate has just begun, they added.

Commentary: Time to get to work, Al!

MINNEAPOLIS - During the campaign, Minnesota’s newest U.S. Senator, Al Franken, said he would be an elected official in the tradition of the man who once held his seat, the late Paul Wellstone. It’s a commitment that American’s wage earners need him to keep. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Franken won last November’s election, concluding an extended election process – the longest in state history – and ending any hope that Republican Norm Coleman had of keeping the seat he won in 2002 after Wellstone’s death in a plane crash.

Pass fair and sensible Illinois budget, protestors say

CHICAGO – On July 1 over one million people across Illinois will lose access to social services as state lawmakers here scramble to approve a “doomsday” budget, which contains major cuts up to 50 percent that critics are calling unacceptable.

At White House Pride event, Obama vows to advance LGBT equality

In an unprecedented White House gathering of gay and lesbian leaders and activists on Monday, President Obama strongly affirmed his commitment to enacting equality legislation and overturning discriminatory laws and policies.

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