Kaiser security officers win first contract

OAKLAND, Calif. ― “Now that we have this new health care, I feel secure that if I get sick, or my kids get sick, I won’t be afraid to take them to the doctor. I haven’t seen a doctor in almost three years, but now I can get all my necessary doctor visits and be comfortable about it.”

White House school reform plan draws mixed reaction

Teachers unions and advocates gave a mixed reaction to a $4.35 billion education reform initiative announced by President Obama and U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan last week.


At La Raza conference: We are America activists say

CHICAGO – Thousands of activists and community leaders from all parts of the U.S. are meeting here July 25-28 at the McCormick Place West for the annual gathering of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), known as the country’s largest Latino civil rights organization.


Review: Dean's prescription for real health care reform

To be sure, the American people are feeling a bit confused by the prospects of health care reform in this country. A troubling article that appeared in the July 23 edition of the New York Times illustrates the fact, offering up the mostly negative reactions of several different types of people—the poor, small business owners, well-to-do suburbanites—after President Obama’s prime time press conference on the issue.

'Cash for clunkers' to boost car sales

New car buyers or leasers can now get up to $4,500 when they qualify for the government's newly launched Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) program, also known as the 'cash for clunkers' program.

Health care not warfare

The recent Senate vote to end production of the F22 was significant. The F22 is the second most expensive Pentagon program there is. This vote cut $1.59 billion from an overall military budget of $700 billion.

Without reform, millions could lose health care

Nearly seven million Americans, primarily people in working families, will lose their health coverage by the end of 2010 if no major policy changes take place before then, according to a new report by Families USA, a progressive health care advocacy group. In 2007, the year with the latest available figures, the Census Bureau found that the nearly 46 million people do not have health insurance.

Eliminating the clout system: free and equal education for all

As a parent with children in the Chicago Public School (CPS) system, I have to admit I wasn’t surprised to learn CPS CEO Ron Huberman had launched an investigation into the use of 'clout' to get children of the wealthy and well connected into the system's elite magnet elementary and selective enrollment high schools.

President's remarks: Health reform and small business

I recently heard from a small business owner from New Jersey who wrote that he employs eight people and provides health insurance for all of them. But his policy goes up at least 20 percent each year, and today, it costs almost $1,400 per family per month – his highest business expense besides his employees’ salaries.

A perfect game for White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle

What a great moment in baseball history for fans everywhere and what an awesome moment for White Sox fans especially after the Chicago team’s ace pitcher Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game July 23.

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