JON STEWART VIDEO Conservative William Kristol admits government-run health care is first class

Bill Kristol bets that Sarah Palin will come on the Daily Show and admits the government can provide first-class health care on Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

VIDEO Health care reform cannot wait

Americans United for Change, a labor-backed coalition, and MoveOn.org are fighting Republican moves to scuttle health care reform with new TV commercials.

VIDEO White House press conference on health care reform

In a prime time press conference focused on health care reform, President Obama explained what's in it for you and your family, health care and the economy and who should pay for the reform - watch the full video:

VIDEO Walter Cronkite on 9/11

Walter Cronkite interviewed on David Letterman days after Sept. 11, 2001. Cronkite is prophetic, a thoughtful American.

VIDEO President Obama addresses the NAACP @100

President Obama's speech at the NAACP convention, July 16, 2009.