Professor Skip Gates, Sgt. James Crowley and me

The second to the last time I was racially profiled was on 23rd Street and 11th Avenue in New York City. It was two summers ago. I had just completed a wonderful bike ride: the sun warm on my back, the wind a cool and welcome antidote. I was feeling good.


A historic reintroduction

The word is out. On Sept. 1, the Peoples World launches a brand new state-of-the art website for the recently re-emerged daily working-class Marxist press in United States.


Big lies vs. health reform

Labor and other analysts are noting that a virtual river of lies now being pumped into millions of American homes via the mass media underlies much of the confusion about health care reform.

Calif. resolution apologizes to Chinese Americans

Though attention has focused largely on the state budget, among other issues the California legislature has dealt with this year is a unanimously-passed resolution recognizing the great contributions people of Chinese origin have made to the state’s development, and apologizing for past laws that persecuted them.

Chicago postpones action on new Wal-Mart stores

CHICAGO – For the moment, the Wal-Mart monster has been held at bay. Standing up to immense pressure by the retail giant to open new stores in Chicago, the City Council postponed a decision allowing construction on the city’s south side.

For many, state budgets cuts are life-or-death issue

ST. LOUIS - Melanie Shouse has a hard road to travel. Not only is she fighting breast cancer, she's also fighting the health care industry. As a small business owner, she could only afford a catastrophic health insurance policy, where her co-pay and deductible nears $10,000.

Climate bill provides real cost relief for consumers

While most people understand the urgency of climate change, one of the top concerns many working families have with a cap-and-trade system is added costs for energy.


Canoes head for Suquamish, Chief Seattle's gravesite

NEAH BAY, Washington – Native American Indian youth are voyaging in their dugout canoes from throughout the Pacific Northwest to the town of Suquamish, gravesite of Chief Seattle, for the 20th annual Tribal Canoe Journey, Aug. 3-8.

Civil rights leaders talk economy, housing at La Raza conference

Civil rights leaders and fair housing advocates during a “Putting Our Communities on the Map: The Economic Road to Recovery,” town hall meeting at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) conference here said Latino and African American communities continue to be the hardest-hit by the looming economic crisis.

As food stamp use rises 20 percent, retail stores open doors

In a sign of the growing recessionary troubles, several retail outlets have begun accepting food stamps. According to USA Today, Family Dollar, 7-11, Costco and Target are among the outlets.

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