Irish band to help kick off CPUSA conference

NEW YORK – The Communist Party’s national conference on building the Party clubs and grassroots organizing will kick off June 28 with a concert by the Irish band, Morning Star, which will follow CPUSA National Chairman Sam Webb’s keynote address to the gathering.

Lessons from a militant strike

In November 2001, Monmouth County, N.J., was the scene of a strike by 900-plus teachers and secretaries employed by the Middletown Township Board of Education.

RxExpress called 'unpatriotic'

PITTSBURGH – Retired Pennsylvania workers experienced two surprises when they bussed into Canada to purchase prescription medications June 10. The first was that seniors can save significant amounts of money by merely crossing the Canadian border. The second was the harassment they received at the border by U.S. border guards.

A bad idea, again

As part of the war on terrorism, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recently called for rebuilding military relations with the Indonesian army.

Gay pride: Moving forward, remembering the past

As I drove to Boston’s Pride Parade, I reflected on my life as a “gay” communist in the U.S.

Rally demands justice at ports

LOS ANGELES – Demanding “justice at the waterfront,” the nation’s three most powerful transportation unions will join forces on Thursday, June 27, for a history-making Solidarity Day at West Coast ports.

Learning from history: Repression against the Puerto Rican people

On July 25, 1978, three men climbed to the top of Cerro Maravilla near Ponce, Puerto Rico, where they planned to blow up a radio transmission tower as an act of “propaganda of the deed” in the struggle for Puerto Rican independence. The police were waiting for them. After a brief struggle, they surrendered to the cops, who proceeded to murder Arnaldo Diario Rosada and Carlos Enrique Soto Arrivi in cold blood.

Marxism Lives: Thoughts on the housing crisis

Decent, affordable housing is critical to working families. Many now pay more than half their wages just for rent. Most workers are just a layoff or serious illness away from eviction, whether they rent or are paying on a mortgage.

Hundreds demand: 'Save the safety net'

LOS ANGELES – Expressing their concern over Republican efforts to expand so-called welfare reform, over 600 low-income residents, community activists, labor, religious and political leaders gathered at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in the Wilshire District here on June 15 for a Town Hall Meeting to jump start a national fightback campaign “to save the safety net.”

Janitors file EEOC complaints vs. companies

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 50 held a press conference here, June 13, filing complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Local 50, representing more than 3,000 janitors, charged six St. Louis cleaning companies with “blatant” sexual and racial discrimination.

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