Did Ross Perot help Enron bilk California?

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration and the rightwing GOP leadership on Capitol Hill have quietly shelved any tough legislation to curb Enron-style corporate abuses, yet new disclosures keep popping up. The latest was a 44-page document, a step-by-step guide to “gaming” the California electricity market, prepared by Perot Systems, a software firm owned by Dallas millionaire Ross Perot. The document was found in a box of materials turned over to a California Senate Committee by Reliant Energy.

Homeland Security doesnt mean union busting

Dangerous men like John Ashcroft and Tom Ridge have been loosed on the American people. They are the bent personalities that front the most sweeping attack on civil and democratic rights since the McCarthy red scare of the 1950s.

AKSteel workers win victory on tax abatement

Locked out Armco-Kawasaki (AK) steelworkers in Mansfield, Ohio won a significant victory last week when the city council voted against renegotiaing with AKSteel on its 1995 tax-abatement agreement with the city.

Who is really in charge of national security?

Taking a cue from Ronald Reagan’s reign, George W. is looking into ways to privatize the air traffic controllers. Ronald Reagan started his anti-labor presidency by busting the air traffic controllers’ union, PATCO.

Jury rules against FBI, Oakland Police

OAKLAND – It took 11 years and a five-week trial, but a jury of eight women and two men meeting in the Federal Court House here, unanimously decided that the FBI and the Oakland Police Department connived to frame Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney for the 1990 bombing of their car. The federal jury found that the FBI and Oakland Police violated the pair’s constitutional rights to free speech and protection from unlawful searches.

UPS Teamsters mood is strong

OAKLAND, Calif. – The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) is mobilizing members and community allies in a campaign to gain a decent contract at United Parcel Service (UPS). The union is striving to stem the loss of union jobs through forced overtime and subcontracting, drastically increase starting wages for part-timers and move more of them to full-time positions, and preserve health care benefits.

Padilla case raises constitutional concerns, lawyers say

Questions are growing over the government’s detention of Jose Padilla without criminal charges. In a closed meeting with the Senate Judiciary Committee June 13, Justice Department officials said they will hold Padilla in custody indefinitely until the Bush administration decides its “war on terrorism” is over. The government says it will not file charges against him.

NOW pickets Bush workfare scam

WASHINGTON – Women with a banner that read “Every mother is a working mother” picketed on Capitol Hill June 17 to demand that the Senate reject George W. Bush’s punitive 40-hour “workfare” scheme and instead enact welfare reform that moves mothers out of poverty with educational opportunity and decent jobs.

International notes

Spanish workers poised for general strike/Czech communists make gains in elections/Nigerian Labor sets warning strike/German construction workers strike/ICEM demands end to killing of Colombian unionists/S. Korean Hyundai workers strike

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