The Rosenbergs and the fight for democracy

Opinion Fifty years ago I was among thousands camped at the Washington Monument waiting to hear the outcome of the final appeal to President Eisenhower to spare the lives of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. When the denial came, there was anger and grief for these two heroes, victims of the Cold War and McCarthyism.

June 19, 1953: The murder of the Rosenbergs

Think back to the political climate of the early 1950s: Senator Joseph McCarthy on the prowl. Alger Hiss convicted of “losing China.” Eleven leaders of the Communist Party convicted of “conspiracy to teach and advocate the violent overthrow of the United States.”

Lozano tribute honors legacy of struggle

CHICAGO – “There are really no great people. But there are ordinary people who courageously respond to great challenges,” said Carlos Arango, executive director of Casa Aztlan. Arango was reflecting on the life and legacy of Rudy Lozano at a June 7 gathering to mark the 20th anniversary of his assassination in 1983.

Bush faces heat on Iraq lies

With evidence mounting that George W. Bush and top administration officials lied to the American people to justify the Iraq war, the smell of Watergate, Iran-contra and other scandals is starting to waft over the Bush White House.