G-8 Summit protesters hit war, greed

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – On June 8-10 many businesses here closed their doors as the city was virtually taken over by 20,000 military personnel and police who guarded the summit meeting of the Group of Eight.

National Clips

DECATUR, Ga.: Labor backs McKinney for Congress / LANSING, Mich.: Legislature denies women’s rights / CINCINNATI: Underground Railroad center to open / CARSON CITY, Nev.: State ends privatization of prison

Education fasters win historic victory

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – After 26 days, the two remaining activists in the “Fast 4 Education,” Cesar Cruz and Israel Haro, ended their fast June 4 after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill that will help poor school districts that have taken out major loans.

Union support grows for Medicare for All

At its 33rd National Convention in Atlanta Memorial Day weekend, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists endorsed the United States National Health Insurance Act, HR 676, the single-payer health care bill introduced by Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D.-Mich.).

Soldiers say Im not going back

These days, GI rights counseling coordinator Bill Galvin is getting at least four or five calls a day from soldiers saying, “I’ve gotten orders to go to Iraq and I don’t want to go.” click here for Spanish text

U.S. Border Patrol rounds up hundreds on both coasts

Immigrant communities in Southern California and New York City are reporting hundreds of immigrants arrested in a series of sweeps in recent weeks.

Gallery owner attacked for antiwar art

SAN FRANCISCO – Lori Haigh, owner of Capobianco Gallery in North Beach here, was spat on and knocked unconscious last week for exhibiting an artwork highlighting the torture of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison.

Movies to make you wonder, where to go from here?

Movie Reviews ‘With All Deliberate Speed’ / Super Size Me

Eyes on the new India

Opinion As India, the world’s largest democracy, held a general election last month, the rest of us waited and watched.

Time to question the war on terror

Immigrants of color have been increasingly subjected to a sustained climate of fear, harassment and surveillance.

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