The psychology of Iraqi prison torture

Opinion Margaret Warner, on a recent PBS News Hour, did a masterful job in opening up an important piece of the puzzle of why the torture of Iraqi prisoners.

A rising chorus of opposition to Bush

Opinion The following is an abridged version of a speech delivered at an international solidarity rally in London, May 29, sponsored by the Communist Party of Britain in conjunction with their 46th national congress. Other speakers included representatives of the communist parties of Cuba, Iraq, India, and Britain.

Bayh-Dole law can stop drug company rip-offs

Presidential and congressional candidates have the perfect issue to begin the process of limiting and eliminating the crushing control that drug companies have over life-and-death drugs.

International notes

Israel/Palestine: Israeli CP presses political solution / Greenland: Inuits demand their land back / Haiti: Flood takes huge toll / West Africa: U.S. carrier strike group to visit region / China: Economy keeps growing

Thousands at D.C. meeting say: Take back America

WASHINGTON – Over 2,000 participants in a “Take Back America” conference here June 2-4 cheered speakers who urged a bolder, pro-peace, pro-worker, pro-equality program to rally voters against George W. Bush and the Republican right in November. click here for Spanish text

Will there be a Day After Tomorrow?

Movie Review “‘The Day After Tomorrow’ has one of the most absurd and implausible plot turns I’ve seen in a movie, ever,” writes David Edelstein in his review for Slate magazine

Lessons from NAFTA: Workers pay the price for free trade

Book Review Lessons from NAFTA: The High Cost of Free Trade Edited by Kareb Hansen-Kuhn and Steve Hellinger 133 pp., 2003 Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (75 Albert Street, Suite 410; Ottawa, ON, K1P 5E7, Canada)

NYC unions face tough contract struggles

News Analysis NEW YORK CITY – The latest news on the labor scene here was the April 21 announcement of a contract settlement between government workers represented by AFSCME, DC 37 and the city of New York. The 121,000 DC 37 workers had been without a contract for two years.

Freedom Rides continue to roll

NEW YORK CITY – In the fall of 2003, busloads of people crossed the U.S. with the message that a broad coalition has emerged demanding rights and justice for immigrants.

Its time to veto Vito

BROOKLYN – New York City labor, civil rights, and other democratic organizations have vowed to deliver a blow to the Bush administration and their Republican ultra-right allies in Congress this November.

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