Gallery owner attacked for antiwar art

SAN FRANCISCO – Lori Haigh, owner of Capobianco Gallery in North Beach here, was spat on and knocked unconscious last week for exhibiting an artwork highlighting the torture of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison.

Movies to make you wonder, where to go from here?

Movie Reviews ‘With All Deliberate Speed’ / Super Size Me

Eyes on the new India

Opinion As India, the world’s largest democracy, held a general election last month, the rest of us waited and watched.

Time to question the war on terror

Immigrants of color have been increasingly subjected to a sustained climate of fear, harassment and surveillance.

The psychology of Iraqi prison torture

Opinion Margaret Warner, on a recent PBS News Hour, did a masterful job in opening up an important piece of the puzzle of why the torture of Iraqi prisoners.

A rising chorus of opposition to Bush

Opinion The following is an abridged version of a speech delivered at an international solidarity rally in London, May 29, sponsored by the Communist Party of Britain in conjunction with their 46th national congress. Other speakers included representatives of the communist parties of Cuba, Iraq, India, and Britain.

Bayh-Dole law can stop drug company rip-offs

Presidential and congressional candidates have the perfect issue to begin the process of limiting and eliminating the crushing control that drug companies have over life-and-death drugs.

International notes

Israel/Palestine: Israeli CP presses political solution / Greenland: Inuits demand their land back / Haiti: Flood takes huge toll / West Africa: U.S. carrier strike group to visit region / China: Economy keeps growing

Thousands at D.C. meeting say: Take back America

WASHINGTON – Over 2,000 participants in a “Take Back America” conference here June 2-4 cheered speakers who urged a bolder, pro-peace, pro-worker, pro-equality program to rally voters against George W. Bush and the Republican right in November. click here for Spanish text