Care-a-Van fights for home health care

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Over 2,000 seniors and people of all ages with disabilities, along with their caregivers and supporters, rallied June 9 at the State Capitol here.

Social Security to be solvent for 50 years

The Social Security shortfall is half the size of the rise in defense spending since 2000.

Californias SB2: A stepping stone to health care reform

As attention is focused on the June 19 Bridges for Health Care events in California, prominently represented will be the campaign to save SB2 – the California Senate bill passed last fall and signed by then-Gov. Gray Davis – which would require employers of 50 workers or more to provide health coverage.

International notes

Haiti: Caricom insists on investigation / Japan: JCP releases election policies / Nigeria: General strike wins fuel price rollback / Britain: Labor loses big in local vote / El Salvador: Boycott urged over child labor / Russia: Unions protest over wages and benefits

Nicaraguan priest: On Reagans bitter legacy

While most of the U.S. mass media have been presenting a rosy, revisionist history of the life of former President Ronald Reagan, who died on June 5, others have presented a more realistic view of Reagan and his political positions and actions.

Protests continue against Israeli wall

The Israeli government’s construction of an apartheid-like wall along the West Bank continues to meet with stiff resistance in many Palestinian towns and villages and from Jewish Israeli peace activists.

Ashcroft fishing expedition comes up empty

News Analysis In a stunning rebuff to Attorney General John Ashcroft’s version of the “war on terror,” Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, 34, a Saudi national studying computer science at the University of Idaho in Moscow, was acquitted by an Idaho jury after seven days of deliberation.

G-8 Summit protesters hit war, greed

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – On June 8-10 many businesses here closed their doors as the city was virtually taken over by 20,000 military personnel and police who guarded the summit meeting of the Group of Eight.

National Clips

DECATUR, Ga.: Labor backs McKinney for Congress / LANSING, Mich.: Legislature denies women’s rights / CINCINNATI: Underground Railroad center to open / CARSON CITY, Nev.: State ends privatization of prison

Education fasters win historic victory

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – After 26 days, the two remaining activists in the “Fast 4 Education,” Cesar Cruz and Israel Haro, ended their fast June 4 after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill that will help poor school districts that have taken out major loans.

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