Card check organizing under attack

WASHINGTON (PAI) – In a move that could hamper labor’s new organizing techniques, the National Labor Relations Board is seeking briefs on the legality of procedures surrounding card checks.

Virginia shipyard workers score gains

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (PAI) – After six weeks of bargaining, the 8,500 Steel Workers at the nation’s largest shipyard ratified a new 52-month contract on June 9. And, this time, they didn’t have to strike to get it.

International notes

Sudan: Darfur conflict continues / Bangladesh: Workers demand end to privatization / Guatemala: ‘Treat immigrants in Mexico better’ / France: CGT leads actions to uphold state utility / Diego Garcia: Islanders barred from returning / Haiti: Marchers demand Aristide’s return

Canadas Greens move to the right

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – As Canadians go to the polls June 28, one of the surprises of this year’s election campaign has been the emergence of the Green Party (GP) as the fourth most popular party among Canadians.

Left and Communist youth meet in Brazil

News Analysis BRASILIA, Brazil – Two recent events energized the world’s young communist and progressive movement.

Cuba marches forward despite the odds

HAVANA – It was the talk of the town here. Another day passed and the badly needed rain in Cuba’s central and eastern provinces did not come.

Radical gathering sets agenda for change

WILLIAMS BAY, Wis. – Left-wing activists of all stripes held their annual gathering known as RadFest here on June 4-6. The event, organized by Patrick Barrett and the Havens Center of the University of Wisconsin, drew hundreds of participants from across the Midwest and several from other regions and countries.

Massive rally marks strike anniversary

CHICAGO – Shouting “No contract, No peace,” Congress Hotel workers and their supporters marked the one-year anniversary of their strike against the hotel June 15 with a massive picket line and rally.

National Clips

CINCINNATI: No more empty promises / HARTFORD, Conn.: Corrupt Republican governor resigns / AUSTIN, Texas: Juneteenth parade and new lawsuit on police brutality / PHILADELPHIA, Miss.: Honoring civil rights workers

Pride month events keep eye on November

In the 35 years since the Stonewall uprising, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trangendered (GLBT) movement has come a long way. As with each June, this year’s pride celebrations mark the anniversary of the historic 1969 event in New York’s Greenwich Village.

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