French, Dutch EU votes create shockwave

As French voters decisively said “Non” and Dutch voters said “Nee” to the draft European Union constitution, the future of the 25-nation bloc was left in question this week.


Interfaith solidarity boosts Pilsen workers

CHICAGO — A string of yellow school buses brought interfaith religious leaders to the La Casa del Pueblo supermarket in the Pilsen community May 23 to demonstrate their support for workers who have been leading a campaign to organize a union there. They were among about 200 hundred people gathered at the store in this largely Mexican American neighborhood. Participating were community members, Pilsen-area churches, and clergy and religious activists from around the country who were in Chicago for the Third National Interfaith Worker Justice Conference. click here for Spanish text

NYC mayors race: Bloomberg is Bush enabler

NEW YORK — The struggle to defeat NYC’s Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg was an overriding theme at the New York State Communist Party’s May 22 district convention here. Although New York faces many issues, the delegates resolved that the overriding fight is to defeat Bloomberg, a billionaire media mogul who spent $72 million on his election four years ago.


Stem cell vote a big rebuff to Bush

Scientists hailed the May 24 bipartisan House vote to expand embryonic stem cell research, a major rebuff to President Bush. They urged a fight to push the measure through the Senate.

'Deep Throat' and imperial presidencies

The revelation that FBI Deputy Director W. Mark Felt was the mysterious figure known as “Deep Throat” has led to renewed interest in the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon’s administration.

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