Giving to make a better world

Mabel Belka was an unsung heroine. Her life was molded by the times she grew up in. And as she grew up she began to understand the forces of society — the oftentimes hidden hand of class in America. Because of her life experiences, Belka was radicalized and became a subscriber to the Daily Worker, the People’s Weekly World’s predecessor.

Calls grow to close Gitmo jail, seek truth on Downing Street Memo

In the wake of charges by Amnesty International that U.S. detention centers at Guantanamo and elsewhere constitute “the gulag of our times,” one of the Senate’s leading Democrats, Sen. Joseph Biden (Del.), and former President Jimmy Carter called for closing the Guantanamo prison, and even Republicans said they would hold congressional hearings on U.S. treatment of detainees.

1,400 at D.C. meet say Take Back America

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of protesters, chanting “Hands off my Social Security” and “Not wise to privatize,” marched to the White House in the rain June 3.

Mac Trachtenberg, 1917-2005

Mac Trachtenberg, father, trade unionist and community supporter, died April 17 in California. He was 87.

The passing of a legend

Singer, songwriter and playwright Oscar Brown Jr. died May 29 in Chicago after a brief illness. He was 78.

War, soldiers and the unspeakable

“Brothers” is a film from Denmark with English subtitles directed by Susanne Bier.

Marxism without meat?

When at long last war and capitalism, terrorism and religious fanaticism have had their final day, when a communist society breaks out like the glorious sun after the most savage storms, what will our new world look like?

Planetary war? Its not just a movie

On May 23-24 I attended an event organized by Dr. Helen Caldicott called Full Spectrum Dominance. The conference gathered key media representatives to hear briefings on the latest developments in military space issues.

Deceptions hammer

When I was a kid my dad once said: “Deception’s hammer knocks information out of the body politic. Without good information our people can’t ask for accountability and without that the government … even a good one … will behave like a drunken sailor on leave.”

In the war on Cuba, truth dies first

Cuba’s growing biotechnology industry is a leader in research and technology. Among its accomplishments are the development of meningitis-B and hepatitis-B vaccines, AIDS anti-retroviral drugs, and a therapeutic lung cancer vaccine.

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