Editorial: Who pays for Enrons crimes?

The Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the conviction of the giant accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, on obstruction of justice charges underscores a case of justice denied for 90,000 workers worldwide who lost their jobs when the firm went bankrupt.

Editorial: Deep Throat and George W.

A hallmark of gangsters and fascists is their allegiance to a “code of silence.” So it is no surprise that Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy now accuses Mark Felt, the infamous “Deep Throat,” of violating government ethics in blowing the lid off Richard Nixon’s Watergate crimes.


Building socialism in the U.S. one brick at a time

The collapse of the Soviet Union was an enormous ideological windfall for U.S. imperialism. President George H. W. Bush delivered a triumphant State of the Union message Jan. 28, 1992: “[C]ommunism is dead…By the grace of God, America won the Cold War…. A world once divided into two armed camps now recognizes one sole and preeminent power.”

Corporate influence on health exposed

The average family medical cost this year will exceed $12,200 — up from $8,000 just four years ago — according to the Milliman Medical Index, a corporate consulting firm. To a large extent this reflects the billions of dollars of profits for the medical-industrial complex, but also the production and sale of unhealthy food by the beverage and tobacco industries.

Group seeks ban of 20th century from Kansas school textbooks

A political action group in the state of Kansas is applying pressure on the Kansas State Board of Education to ban any and all references to the 20th century from school textbooks, a spokesman for the group confirmed today.

A closer look at price indexing, oil supplies

Feedback from our columnists: David Kennell follows up on his April 2-8 article on Social Security; Art Perlo adds the following comments on “price indexing'; Wadi’h Halabi writes about world oil supplies

Maryland gov vetoes minimum wage hike, Wal-Mart health care requirement

LANDOVER, Md. (PAI) — Union leaders in Maryland and nationally blasted GOP Gov. Robert Ehrlich for vetoing a health care bill that targeted Wal-Mart’s bad benefits.

World Notes

Afghanistan: Demand probe into journalist’s killing; Sudan: AU calls for support in Darfur ; Italy: Unions call for general strike; Ecuador: Gov’t rejects IMF ‘reforms’; Bolivia: Marchers demand equity on oil proceeds


U.S. denies Posada extradition request for now

The State Department May 27 turned down a Venezuelan request for extradition of Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela. It claimed a lack of supporting evidence. Posada, a Venezuelan citizen accused of bombing a Cuban airliner and killing 73 people, faces court proceedings there interrupted by a jail escape in 1985.

National Clips

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.: Christian college students protest Bush visit; CARSON CITY, Nev.: Legislature challenges Bush school reform; CHESTER, Pa.: School privatization out; INDIANAPOLIS: ‘Steelworkers, start your engines’

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