Mac Trachtenberg, 1917-2005

Mac Trachtenberg, father, trade unionist and community supporter, died April 17 in California. He was 87.

The passing of a legend

Singer, songwriter and playwright Oscar Brown Jr. died May 29 in Chicago after a brief illness. He was 78.

War, soldiers and the unspeakable

“Brothers” is a film from Denmark with English subtitles directed by Susanne Bier.

Marxism without meat?

When at long last war and capitalism, terrorism and religious fanaticism have had their final day, when a communist society breaks out like the glorious sun after the most savage storms, what will our new world look like?

Planetary war? Its not just a movie

On May 23-24 I attended an event organized by Dr. Helen Caldicott called Full Spectrum Dominance. The conference gathered key media representatives to hear briefings on the latest developments in military space issues.

Deceptions hammer

When I was a kid my dad once said: “Deception’s hammer knocks information out of the body politic. Without good information our people can’t ask for accountability and without that the government … even a good one … will behave like a drunken sailor on leave.”

In the war on Cuba, truth dies first

Cuba’s growing biotechnology industry is a leader in research and technology. Among its accomplishments are the development of meningitis-B and hepatitis-B vaccines, AIDS anti-retroviral drugs, and a therapeutic lung cancer vaccine.

Editorial: Who pays for Enrons crimes?

The Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the conviction of the giant accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, on obstruction of justice charges underscores a case of justice denied for 90,000 workers worldwide who lost their jobs when the firm went bankrupt.

Editorial: Deep Throat and George W.

A hallmark of gangsters and fascists is their allegiance to a “code of silence.” So it is no surprise that Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy now accuses Mark Felt, the infamous “Deep Throat,” of violating government ethics in blowing the lid off Richard Nixon’s Watergate crimes.


Building socialism in the U.S. one brick at a time

The collapse of the Soviet Union was an enormous ideological windfall for U.S. imperialism. President George H. W. Bush delivered a triumphant State of the Union message Jan. 28, 1992: “[C]ommunism is dead…By the grace of God, America won the Cold War…. A world once divided into two armed camps now recognizes one sole and preeminent power.”

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