EPA proposes no regulation of polluted water transfers

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency said June 1 it will not regulate transfers of water from one place to another — no matter how polluted the water is at the start.


Inconvenient for whom?

Former presidential candidate Al Gore’s new documentary makes him look really good and global warming look really bad. Both concepts seem really credible, thanks to the director’s skill and Gore’s years of dedication to explaining this vital issue.

Torturing national parks

Whenever an administration comes to power that possesses a philosophy totally at odds with an agency’s purpose, mission and traditions, you can expect fireworks. Since January 2001, the Interior Department has been transformed from a department of professionals concerned about the long-term preservation and sustained use of our nation’s resources to a cadre of politically-driven corporate puppets whose mission is to turn over America’s resources to the private business interests and the “wreckreation” movement.

Who is Dick DeVos?

Dick DeVos is the presumed Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, and he has a lot to hide. To win the Republican nomination, he has spent millions of his personal fortune on a glitzy television attack ad campaign. But when it comes to the issues that concern real people in Michigan, DeVos’ record reveals the truth about his agenda, his character and the danger he poses to working families.

USA Today calls retiree benefits monster

The lead headline in “McNewspaper” (USA Today) for May 25 referred to retiree benefits as a “monster.” The article goes on to compile gross statistics on the total amount of retiree benefits compiled by American workers through lifetimes of work and struggle. Instead of blessings to American families, these commitments are branded “burdens”!

CBTU calls for re-uniting labor

ORLANDO, Fla. (PAI) — Re-uniting the U.S. labor movement after last year’s AFL-CIO-Change to Win split is critical to “ending the madness” of the GOP government of George W. Bush, declared Coalition of Black Trade Unionists President William Lucy at CBTU’s May 25 annual convention here. Lucy blasted the Bush administration for everything from the racism shown in responding to Hurricane Katrina to the deaths in the Iraq war.

Massachusetts gubernatorial race heats up

WORCESTER, Mass. — Massachusetts may be well on its way to getting its first African American governor after the state Democratic Party convention endorsed Deval Patrick, with 58 percent of the delegates’ votes, on June 3. Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Riley received 27 percent while venture capitalist Christopher Gabrielli squeezed through with slightly over 15 percent, the minimum needed to qualify for the Sept. 19 primary election ballot.


Minimum wage to loom large in Ohio vote

A variety of progressive, issue-oriented forces are at work in the Ohio elections, trying to build a political movement capable of ousting the ultra-right from control of state government in November.


Right to organize gains ground in Congress

Fifty-seven million Americans say they’d join a union if they had a chance. And due to a hard-fought, close to the ground campaign, legislation to give them that right is now within striking distance of victory.