Soldiers walk to end Iraq war

COLUMBUS — “We’re here for those that can’t be here, for those who’d like to be, but are still in Iraq,” said Teresa Dawson, the Central Ohio coordinator of Military Families Speak Out. Dawson is the mother of an Iraq war veteran and the daughter of a Marine.

South Jersey marchers link civil rights, peace

CAMDEN, N.J. — Neighbors came out of their homes in this South Jersey community, June 2, when they heard loud chants of “Bring the troops home. We want justice. We want peace.”


Thousands rally to end Israeli occupation

WASHINGTON — Thousands of demonstrators rallied at the U.S. Capitol, June 10, to protest Israel’s 40-year occupation of Palestinian lands and to demand that Congress take action to win “a just peace for Palestinians and Israelis.”


Jerusalem Initiative: Palestinians, Israelis appeal for world action to spur peace

JERUSALEM — An international meeting here June 4 appealed for world pressure on the Israeli government to negotiate with the PLO to achieve a comprehensive and just peace. The conference was an unprecedented joint undertaking of the Palestinian People’s Party and the Communist Party of Israel.


Puerto Ricans and Iraq

At the beginning of April 2007, people in Puerto Rico saw pictures of Jason Núñez Fernández from the town of Naranjitos on their television screens. The 22-year-old husband and father of two daughters had returned home in a casket covered with the U.S. flag, a casualty of Iraq.


On U.S. tour, Iraqi unionists reject oil grab

SAN FRANCISCO — We rarely hear that a powerful labor movement in Iraq is defending workers’ rights, campaigning for an end to the U.S.-led occupation and for better daily living conditions for ordinary people, and upholding the Iraqi people’s right to keep control of their country’s great oil resources.