Women of the world unite for peace and solidarity

CARACAS, Venezuela — The fight against war is part of the fight for women to become “first-class citizens in every nation,” declared Marcia Campos, the Brazilian president of the Women’s International Democratic Federation.

Agent Orange victims have day in court

NEW YORK — In 1964 Nguyen Thi Hong, then a young woman of 17, joined the struggle against the U.S. occupation of her country, Vietnam. She knew that she might lose her life. But she had no idea that she would become sick and remain so for more than 30 years. “I was exposed to dioxin during the war,” Hong told reporters outside a federal courtroom here June 18.

N. Korea to shut reactor, rejects missile defense

North Korea announced June 16 that it plans to shut down and seal its Yongbyon nuclear facilities in accordance with an agreement reached at the six-party talks aimed at addressing the Korean nuclear issue.

Gaza crisis tied to Israeli-U.S. policy

With the crisis unfolding in Gaza and the West Bank, a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis is in jeopardy, Palestinian and Israeli progressives fear.

The English submarine

The press dispatches bring the news; the submarine belongs to the Astute Class, the first of its kind to be constructed in Great Britain in more than two decades.

Saying no to foreign military bases

The International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases was formally established at a conference in Quito and Manta, Ecuador, March 5-9. Over 400 grassroots and community-based activists were in attendance from more than 40 countries. Longtime peace activist Al Marder of New Haven, Conn., attended the “Quito No Bases” conference

Pressure still on for Iraq exit, despite funding deal

WASHINGTON — Voicing anger that Congress approved an Iraq spending bill May 24 with no timeline to withdraw U.S. troops, antiwar activists vowed to press on with demands that the lawmakers “do what voters elected them to do” and pass legislation to end the war.