Oceans 13: Shades of Robin Hood

Like its predecessors, “Oceans Thirteen” is a crime/comedy action film about a gang of professional thieves and their high-profile robberies. Fans will not be disappointed. However, unlike the earlier films, “Oceans Thirteen” has a more serious theme under its surface.

A letter from New Haven

I was born in Alabama. My father, who wanted better opportunities for our family, was recruited by Winchester, the rifle manufacturer, to come to New Haven and work. And many other African Americans from the South went to different locations seeking better opportunities for themselves.



EDITORIAL: Rogue bankers = homelessness

The stock market continues to skyrocket, corporate profits are rising at a record-setting pace and mortgage foreclosures surged 90 percent in May compared to a year ago. The rich are getting filthier and working families are on the street.

EDITORIAL: Human rights are inalienable

The reopening of Senate floor debate on the “Grand Bargain” immigration bill, S 1348, reflects, among many things, the increasing significance of migrating labor in global economics and politics. Like global warming, it cannot be ignored anymore.

This Week In Labor

LGBT unionists fighting on several fronts Supreme Court rules against public employees Big 3 aiming for more cuts High court shafts home aides on overtime Grocery workers facing big battle Ohio workers rally for EFCA


Brazil: Landless workers weigh in on biofuels Ghana: African leader tells rich nations to keep promises UN: Iraqi, Palestinian children abandoned, forced to work Nepal: Gov’t prepares elections, cuts king’s powers Britain: Troops say, ‘Out of Iraq!’


Marchers uphold immigrant rights

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — After residents were terrorized by a federal immigration raid, the usually busy streets of this city’s Fair Haven neighborhood were silent for a week and a half. The silence was broken June 16, as over 1,000 marched in solidarity wearing signs declaring, “No human being is illegal.”

Finish the job: take America back from GOP

WASHINGTON — Fired up by victory over the Republican right in last November’s election, 3,000 progressives at a “Take Back America” conference cheered as speakers demanded that Congress end the Iraq war, restore union rights and enact health care for all.

Take It Back to the Grassroots

“I hope that everyone who reads the People’s Weekly World gets this pamphlet in their hands,” said Joelle Fishman, chair of the Communist Party USA Political Action Commission. “And if they’re inspired by it, take more copies to share with their family, friends and co-workers.”

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