Zimbabwe forum urges solidarity

CHICAGO — With the Zimbabwean economy in a state of collapse and President Robert Mugabe stepping up repression against the country’s population, activists here called for extending greater solidarity to the people.


Milton Rogovin wins highest photography award

On May 14, noted social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin, 97, received the Cornell Capa Award presented by the International Center of Photography in New York.

Like teachers? See this film

“Chalk” is a mockumentary about the lives of a handful of teachers at Harrison High School. If you are a teacher, if anyone close to you is a teacher, if you plan to become a teacher, or if you simply appreciate great humor, see this film.

Im Puerto Rican, just so you know!

Puerto Rican New York actress Rosie Perez’s recent documentary “¡Yo soy Boricua, pa’que tu lo sepas!” (I’m Puerto Rican, just so you know!) emphasizes, perhaps without really intending to, the contradictions facing a national minority of a colonial country within the United States.


CARTOON:Take Flight


Who’s the boss? Giant transnational sued for backing death squads 3,000 New Jersey workers unionize in one week Hotel housekeeping hazards is focus of gathering AFL-CIO explains failure of immigration bill AFL-CIO explains failure of immigration bill


New Haven unites to stop immigrant raids

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — On June 4, while the Bush administration twisted arms in Congress to pass an exploitative guest worker program, New Haven became the first city in the country to issue a municipal ID card regardless of immigration status, which can be used for city services and banking.


South Africa: Public workers go on strike China: Don’t waste energy, says new task force Belgium: European nations complicit in CIA crimes Venezuela: Puerto Rican independence leader honored Pakistan: Schools for girls under siege

Italys Communists grapple with political realities

RIMINI, Italy — The recent general elections here resulted in a defeat for the ultra-right Silvio Berlusconi, former prime minister, and his supporting parties. But the government, now run by a coalition of center-left parties and headed by Prime Minister Prodi, won by the barest of margins. Italy is a divided country.


Communists lift every voice for Black equality

ST. LOUIS — Eighty activists, including trade unionists, elected officials, religious leaders and workers of all races, ages and genders gathered here June 9-10 for an extraordinary Communist Party conference on African American equality.

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