Ohio nurses fight for patient rights

CLEVELAND — Patients are dying because nurses are being mistreated and overworked,” stated Adrienne Zurub, a registered nurse from Cleveland, as she kicked off a June 15 rally here by the National Nurses Organizing Committee.


Merrilee Milstein mourned

HARTFORD, Conn. — Labor leaders from across the region, state elected officials, friends and family gathered June 12 at UAW Region 9A headquarters here for a memorial service for Merrilee Milstein, long-time union, civil rights and women’s rights activist.

Just say NO to offshore oil drilling

Greenpeace is calling for signatures on an to McCain, titled “Just Say NO to Offshore Drilling.”


A small picket line turns into a mass outpouring

CHICAGO — Sixty striking workers who have been taking turns picketing in front of the Congress Hotel here for the past five years could not conceal their joy June 11 as thousands of trade union and community activists joined their ranks.

Rallies across country slam Big Oil, McCain

Here’s what Manny Flores, a Laborers Union member in Denver, had to say about the pain many are feeling at the gas pump.


Top court upholds detainee rights

Defenders of human rights praised the Supreme Court’s June 12 ruling that hundreds of detainees at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are entitled to a fair trial and other habeas corpus legal rights. Hundreds of those detainees have been held now for six years without criminal charges or jury trials, subjected to torture and other abuses.


Midwest disaster

As the rising Mississippi continued to crash through levees June 17, sending walls of water into Midwest towns and threatening thousands of additional acres of farmland, many were already done with days of crying and were beginning the clean up.

Uncle Sam sez throw your TV away

Used to be that consumer products had something called 'planned obsolescence' built into them; they were designed to wear out and be thrown away (partly explaining our nation's overflowing landfills).

Whats on - June 21, 2008

Sheboygan, Wis. Berkeley, Calif.

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