Anti-union practices increasing in Europe

BRUSSELS (ITUC Online) — The 2009 survey of violations of trade union rights around the world, published last week by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), reports more widespread and serious anti-union practices than in recent years in Europe, despite the fact that this region is still portrayed as being a model on social matters. The trend has been confirmed both in the traditional trade union strongholds of Western Europe and in the transition economies of Eastern Europe. What is more, nearly 50 workers were arrested for their union activities, mainly in Russia and Belarus.

Security and cleaning workers demand justice from banks

On International Justice Day, June 15, thousands of security and cleaning workers around the world will call on Allied Irish Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and others to sign a responsible contractor policy ensuring basic rights for security guards and cleaners.

Girls in gold-mining: 'I dont want my children to be like me'

Over 18,000 girls and boys are engaged in mining and quarrying in the Philippines. For many generations, the search for gold in small-scale mining has been a means of survival for poor families. Girls in such work are particularly vulnerable. Minette Rimando, ILO press officer in Manila, wrote this report for ILO Online.