New NGO to aid Middle Eastern LGBT refugees

San Francisco, CA (June 18, 2009) – ORAM, a groundbreaking international refugee advocacy organization, announced its launch today. The Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration is the first non-governmental organization (NGO) to focus exclusively on refugees and asylum seekers fleeing sexual and gender based violence.

Greenland moves toward independence

While much attention has been lavished on Latin America's move toward socialism and on the special role played by indigenous peoples in these struggles, similar advances have been taking place at the other end of the American continent where Greenland is on the move to independence with a newly elected left government.


50 years of Cuban Agrarian Reform: overcoming challenges to feed the people

The food needs of Cuba are vast and present a ready market for US farmers and agri-business corporations. Surprisingly, Cuba’s largest supplier of food and agricultural products is the US where it gets 70% of its corn and 40% of its wheat. When the restrictive blockade falls, Cuban imports should rise dramatically. For example Cuba gets the bulk of its rice all the way from Vietnam instead of nearby Arkansas.

WORLDNOTES, Lithuania, China, Uganda, Global, Iraq, and Cuba

Lithuania: Anti-gay legislation protested China: News service overhauled Uganda: Desertification advances Global: UN documents hunger Iraq: A plague of serpents Cuba: Cuban Five prisoner responds

Venezuela and US to restore diplomats

Venezuela and the United States have agreed to restore their ambassadors more than nine months after President Hugo Chavez expelled the US envoy from Caracas. Mr Chavez signalled that he still had major differences with Washington, accusing the US of having a hand in recent protests in Iran and saying that he hoped President Barack Obama will lead the US on a new path.

No peace, no silence in Colombia

New documentation is available on the precariousness of life and pall of terror weighing upon Colombia. Why has deadly conflict persisted for decades? Why have rich nations turned a blind eye, or lent a hand?

Angry wife puts hubby to sleep, cuts off testicles

To protect her marriage, a gynecologist in Xiaoxian, Jiangxi province, sliced off of her hubby's testicles. Li, a hardworking doctor, takes good care of her two children. But her husband surnamed Huang had an 18-year-old mistress two years ago. Li asked for a divorce but Huang turned her down.

Hunger drives man to jail

A jobless Taiwanese national stole a box of cotton swabs to get arrested again and have free lunch in jail. Tsou Hao-lan from Taipei first stole a pair of shoes Sunday. He was detained and released, according to local media. But, because he was unable to forget the police department boxed lunches, the man then resorted to stealing again the next day just to get back inside and be fed for free.

Iraq violence seen as effort to derail pullout

A string of deadly bombings has hit Baghdad and other areas as the U.S. prepares to pull out of Iraqi cities and towns next week.

Global workers defend Bangladeshi jobs

Trade unionists from around the world celebrated today after international solidarity helped garment workers in Bangladesh win a resounding victory against 'corporate exploiters.'

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