OPINION: Electoral coup d'etat in Iran

The people of Iran woke up Saturday morning to find not only that the election had been stolen from the popular opposition candidate, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, but that any means of protesting against the electoral fraud and challenging the hardline right in Iran had been closed in what is being described in Tehran as a coup d'etat.

Call to end Zimbabwe international sanctions

Zimbabwean Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara has appealed for an end to sanctions and more international investment in South Africa. Speaking at the World Economic Forum on Africa summit in Cape Town, Mr Mutambara said: 'Sanctions in this juncture in our history are meaningless. Help us help ourselves by removing all those sanctions so Zimbabwe can have a fresh start.'

Tehran protests as govt. declares Ahmadinejad the winner

Iran’s government this morning declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the definitive winner of yesterday’s hotly contested presidential election, sparking wide protests and charges the government had suppressed votes and manipulated the results.


Women's movement in Iran's presidential elections

The ancient country of Iran in the last two centuries has witnessed many internal and regional political crises. The major internal political events in the last 150 years, beginning with the attack by Tsarist Russia on Iran, the Tobacco movement, Constitutional Revolution, the movement for the nationalisation of oil, the 1979 Revolution and the 1997 reform movement. The political transformations in Iran have always been accompanied by popular uprisings and under the slogan of justice as the 'major' (maximum wish) demand.


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Union flag flies from Mt. Everest

Bro. Dorje Khatri, Union of Trekking, Travel & Rafting Workers –UNITRAV (Nepal), successfully conquered Mt. Everest fourth time and hoisted BWI flag on top of the world. BWI have hearty congratulated Com. Dorje Khatri for his successful expedition.

Colombia tops list as killer of workers

The International Trade Union Confederation has reported that more than 200 trade unionists worldwide were killed, assaulted or threatened in 2008 for trying to defend workers' rights. The ITUC said that of the 76 killed, 66 came from Latin America - 49 in Colombia, nine in Guatemala, four in Venezuela, three in Honduras and one in Panama.

Irans Tudeh Party calls for defeat of Ahmadinajad and other reactionaries

Four years after the coming to power of the anti-people and deeply reactionary administration of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the people will be going to the polls at a time when an overwhelming majority are living under conditions much worse than before and face backbreaking economic pressures, severe suppression and deep poverty.

Hong Kong reports first second-generation A/H1N1 flu case

Two people were tested positive for A/H1N1 flu virus in Hong Kong on Wednesday, one of which did not involve travel history and was regarded as a second-generation case, local health authority announced here.

UN environment head calls for global ban on plastic bags

Plastic supermarket bags may be headed for extinction, with the head of the United Nations Environment Program calling this week for a worldwide ban.

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