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'Doomsday' budget cuts that hurt society's most vulnerable leads one Illinois worker to question if the 'system' is worth preserving. Today I came home from work with another headache, jaw sore from clenching my teeth, drained emotionally and physically. I spent the whole day with people whose lives are being ripped apart. Hours spent trying to answer questions that had no answers, offer encouragement where none was merited, and ultimately knowing I failed on every level.

Oregon workers fight unemployment, cutbacks

The jobless rate in the western region of the U.S. surged to 10.1 percent in May and Oregon topped the list at 12.4 percent with California close behind at 11.5 percent and Nevada at 11.3 percent. Washington State’s jobless rate virtually matched the national rate 9.4 percent. Workers and their allies in Oregon are beginning to fight back. “United for Oregon,” a coalition initiated by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503 staged a march of several thousand union members and community activists through downtown Portland Sunday June 7 to protest $2 billion in budget cutbacks in the Oregon State budget.

State after state, budget crises loom

Hundreds of thousands nationwide are protesting against state budget shortfalls that could fall on the backs of working families including those at risk of losing badly needed human services at a time where jobs are scarce and unemployment, homelessness and hunger are on the rise.

Reviving Latino workforce key to rebuilding America

The recession has hurt all America’s workers, especially Latino workers. Despite their growing political power, Latinos are still at the bottom of the economic ladder. Until the nation enacts policies that help lift Latinos and other communities of color, the economy cannot fully recover, according to a new report.

Climate change brings new diseases

BERLIN, Jun 19 (IPS) - As its name suggests, the West Nile virus, a leading cause of a form of meningitis and a neuro-invasive disease, has until recently been reported mostly in tropical and sub-tropical African regions. But it is now about to become a global virus.

LGBT civil rights groups score another victory

A US Census Bureau spokesperson reportedly told reporters this past week that his organization intends to count officially the number of same-sex married couples for the 2010 census. Steve Jost of the Bureau told reporters Friday, June 19th, 'They will be counted,' he said, 'and they ought to report the way they see themselves. In the normal process of reports coming out after the census of 2010, I think the country will have a good data set on which to discuss this phenomenon that is evolving in this country.'

A Fathers Day gift with lasting impact

On Father’s Day, we honor our dads for the long hours of hard work they put in to raise us from newborns to adults—and for the many memorable moments in between: the shoulder rides and road trips, the pancake breakfasts and barbeque dinners, the goofy jokes and fatherly advice.

Are you ready?

Hey, PWW readers, are you ready for a new, sleek, fresh and modern website? Well that’s what we have in store for you and we can’t wait for you all to see it.

Clones of 9/11 hero dog presented in LA

Five clones of a search and rescue dog which helped locate people trapped in the rubble of the 9/11 attacks were formally presented to their ancestor's former handler. James Symington, a former Canadian police officer, choked back tears as he formally took possession of the five descendants of his beloved German shepherd named Trakr, who died in April.


Thousands rally against Illinois budget cuts

CHICAGO – In a massive midday turnout, thousands of children, students, parents and leading advocates of state and citywide organizations that provide badly needed human services to working families and low-income communities here protested at the downtown Thompson Center June 18th against “doomsday” budget cuts approved by state lawmakers last month.

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