Small business owner grapples with health care costs

WEST PLAINS, Mo. — Travis Morrison has the hands of a man who has worked hard his whole life. And while the cement mixing plant he runs has been around for 22 years, things have never been this bad.

Fight for public health plan option advances in Congress

Major House and Senate committees last week released drafts of health care reform proposals just as President Obama took his case for reform to the American people.

LA transportation plan delayed after public protest

Public protest greeted the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) recent special board meeting to pass the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP is a plan that spans over 30 years at a cost of $271 million and will determine the future of transportation in Los Angeles County.


President Obama: Health Care Reform is Key to Fiscal Health

Last week, I spoke to you about my commitment to work with Congress to pass health care reform this year. Today, I’d like to speak about how that effort is essential to restoring fiscal responsibility.


President Obama pledges to sign tobacco bill

In remarks from the White House lawn June 12 President Obama welcomed the passage of a bill in Congress this week that will impose strong regulations on tobacco products, and he signaled his intention to sign the bill into law.

COMMENTARY Holocaust Museum, Dr. Tiller: Janet Napolitano saw it coming

When President Obama’s new Homeland Security chief, Janet Napolitano, issued a report in early April that warned law enforcement bodies in the U.S. about the dangers of a potential rise in “right-wing extremist activity,” Republicans and conservatives protested so loudly that she ended up apologizing for parts of the report.

Rally at Wells Fargo: Save jobs and homes now!

CHICAGO – Dozens of people rallied at the downtown Wells Fargo bank here June 11, including a caravan of Quad City Die Casting workers demanding the bank restore credit to their Moline, Ill. factory, which is scheduled to close July 12.

Obama admin. announces new mountaintop mining policy

Taking aim at mountaintop removal mining, this week, the Obama administration announced a new effort to strengthen federal oversight of the practice and to punish mining companies who fail to protect the environment. The new policy will directly impact mountaintop coal mining in the six Appalachian states of Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Next 8 weeks critical for health reform, Obama says

“The next eight weeks are going to be critical” to winning meaningful health care reform, President Obama told a Wisconsin town hall meeting today.

Even with 600,000 new summer jobs, fears of a jobless recovery grow

Concern is growing that an economic recovery, if and when it comes, may not be much of a job generator. The talk among many economists these days is that the economy may “recover” without an increase in the number of available jobs. All the economic indicators can get better, they say, but the jobless rate can remain high.

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