Beetle-ravaged forests prompt pleas for aid

WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials from Rocky Mountain states urged Congress on Tuesday help them avert a potential catastrophe this summer as they grapple with millions of acres of beetle-ravaged pines that are prone to fire.

Holocaust Museum, Kansas doctor: When hate and politics turn deadly

WASHINGTON — Labor and human rights groups as well as political commentators have reacted with alarm to the May 31 murder of Dr. George Tiller, the Wichita doctor who performed abortions, and, 12 days later, the shooting of security guard, Stephen T. Johns, an African American, at the Holocaust Museum in the nation’s capital.

New religion commission begins work

CHICAGO — The Communist Party USA has established a new Religion Commission to strengthen its work among religious people and organizations. In its leadership are activists representing various religious traditions from around the country. Tim Yeager, a Chicago trade unionist and a member of the Episcopal Church, serves as its chair.

Obama tells AMA public option is necessary for health care reform

The following is the text of President Barack Obama's June 15 speech to the American Medical Association in Chicago on his health care reform plan.


Message from Bronx: Contact Congress on health care, now

BRONX, N.Y. -- About 70 residents gathered here June 13 to “speak out” on the health care crisis. The event, co-sponsored by NW Bronx for Change and the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club, featured health care organizer Tim Foley, from New Yorkers for Change, and heard remarks from local elected officials and testimony from members of the audience.

Small business owner grapples with health care costs

WEST PLAINS, Mo. — Travis Morrison has the hands of a man who has worked hard his whole life. And while the cement mixing plant he runs has been around for 22 years, things have never been this bad.

Fight for public health plan option advances in Congress

Major House and Senate committees last week released drafts of health care reform proposals just as President Obama took his case for reform to the American people.

LA transportation plan delayed after public protest

Public protest greeted the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) recent special board meeting to pass the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP is a plan that spans over 30 years at a cost of $271 million and will determine the future of transportation in Los Angeles County.


President Obama: Health Care Reform is Key to Fiscal Health

Last week, I spoke to you about my commitment to work with Congress to pass health care reform this year. Today, I’d like to speak about how that effort is essential to restoring fiscal responsibility.


President Obama pledges to sign tobacco bill

In remarks from the White House lawn June 12 President Obama welcomed the passage of a bill in Congress this week that will impose strong regulations on tobacco products, and he signaled his intention to sign the bill into law.

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