South Africa: Serious shortage in antirevtroviral funding

A one-billion rand (US$123 million) shortfall in South Africa's public sector antiretroviral (ARV) programme could jeopardise treatment programmes as soon as September, a health expert has warned.

Minnesota lawmakers ask Congress to offer public health option

WASHINGTON - Thirty-two Minnesota legislators have signed a letter supporting the Public Insurance Option as a key part of affordable health care for all Americans. President Obama has said a public insurance plan option to essential to reform health care, but some members of Congress are balking.

Denver area grocery workers vote down contract

Grocery workers in the Denver-area have shot down a new five-year contract proposal from King Soopers in an overwhelming vote. Voting continued Tuesday for workers in Colorado Springs and today for workers in Pueblo.

Poll: Online news sources top all others

UTICA, N.Y. — As broadcast television network newscasts continue to lose viewers by the month, a new online survey by Zogby Interactive shows that the Internet is by far the preferred source for information, and that it is considered the most reliable source as well.

Supreme Court refuses to hear case of Cuba 5

WASHINGTON -- The United States Supreme Court today refused, without comment, to hear the case of the “Cuba 5,” Cuban citizens jailed by the federal government in a case that has generated intense international criticism of the U.S. judicial system.

As Congress shapes health care bill, opportunities and dangers for progressives

Congress is approaching the end of its first month in this cycle of grappling with the nation’s failed health care system. There is huge opportunity to win a significant improvement to our system and a major political victory against the far right, but, there is grave danger that the progressive health care movement will be outmaneuvered, reforms will be cosmetic and the far right will be able to make a comeback. A progressive victory depends on our political work right now.

Vietnam: Doi moi and the World Crisis

The world is shifting its base. In Asia, Latin America and other continents, the devastating effects of this historical crisis of capitalism do not necessarily lead to pessimism, but rather quite the opposite. There are economies that are not only resisting but also innovating in bold new ways. For example, let us consider Vietnam.


No militaricen a juventud

Activistas de paz de diferentes organizaciones abogan por eliminar $2 millones del presupuesto escolar de la ciudad de Nueva York que usan para programas de adiestramiento militar.

'Near-daily atrocities' have sparked Somali refugee crisis

The UN refugee agency has said that more than 100,000 Somalis have fled near-daily atrocities including rape, the shelling of civilian areas and general fighting since May.


BOOK REVIEW Studs Terkels Working soars to new life as graphic novel

Studs Terkel was synonymous with the everyman, heart of the hoi polloi. In one of his last interviews he repeated a story he enjoyed telling about encountering a couple of vocally anti-union Young Urban Professionals in his hometown of Chicago. Terkel, then already into his nineties, stared down the latest denizens of the ruling class, profoundly finishing them off in a manner which they probably never forgot. That was Studs.

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