The Charleston Five Victory: Southern gladiators have won a world of friends

It took nearly two years, but a Longshore local of majority African-American dockers, supported by a worldwide movement, finally won freedom for Elijah Ford, Peter Washington, Kenneth Jefferson, Jason Edgerton and Ricky Simmons – the Charleston Five. To view the entire article, click on the headline. For a link to the chonology of events for the Charleston Five struggle, click here, or to see the AFL-CIO press release on their victory, click here.

International Notes

Angola cease-fire/International Women’s Day/Conspiracy to assassinate Zimbabwe’s president/Russian officers criticize Putin/Colombian Communists fight for peace

Conn. labor and community challenge Bush

Labor and community activists in Connecticut will be challenging the aggressive policies of the Bush administration at an emergency peace and justice conference March 2. The theme is “Bush & Company’s World Domination: How Do We Stop It? – Our Challenge: Peace, Justice and Security After Sept. 11.”

Steelworkers fight for their lives

PITTSBURGH – There is cold rolled anger in the heartland; there is blast furnance fury on the East Coast. In the last two weeks, workers, their families, clergy, school board members and elected officials have jammed high school auditoriums and union halls cheering United Steelworkers of America (USWA) President Leo Gerard’s call for militant action.

AFL-CIO gears for 2002 election-Maps biggest-ever mid-term election mobilization

NEW ORLEANS – At its mid-winter meeting in the “Big Easy,” the AFL-CIO Executive Council fleshed out its 2002 election agenda by adopting an “Agenda for America” and taking steps to finance what AFL-CIO President John Sweeney called the federation’s “biggest ever” mid-term election effort. For the entire article, click on the headline. Also visit the AFL-CIO's page: Agenda for All America announced at the New Orleans meeting.

Women of Wisconsin Steel

CHICAGO – In the early 1900s, American working women demonstrated for union rights and the right to vote. Their fight inspired the International Socialist Women’s Conference in 1910 to declare March 8 International Women’s Day. Today, the women of Chicago’s Wisconsin Steel are continuing this fight for workers’ rights. For the entire article, click on the headline. To read an article on Black women in steel from the PWW in 1995, click here.

Steel jobs hang in balance

CLEVELAND – The day before the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) descended on the White House to fight for jobs and retiree benefits industry-wide, a deal was announced that will save the jobs of many workers at LTV. On Feb. 27, union leaders said that WL Ross & Co. agreed to acquire all the facilities of LTV’s steel division “and is committed to engaging in collective bargaining with the union.” For the entire article, click on the headline. Also, read the press release from the USWA on their rally at the White House.

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