Behind the headlines

On March 8, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the February unemployment figures, and Congress passed an “economic stimulus” bill.

So long partner! What kind of jobs are out there?

The LTV shutdown of its Chicago coke plant was staggered throughout December and early January. So it’s only natural that some workers got going on the job search sooner than others. One guy’s story I want to tell you is especially sobering for laid-off steelworkers.

St. Louis janitors win raise

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Representing 3,000 janitors in the area, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 50 held a press conference here Feb. 26 to announce an “historic” agreement with 10 independent cleaning companies.

Health care myths

Although Denzel Washington and John Q have gone far in exposing many of the myths about health care, a majority of Congress, too many physicians and many Americans still believe that the U.S., despite being the only industrialized nation without a universal health care plan, does provide adequate health care for its people.

Public supports bus strike

Transport Workers Union Local 100 bus operators and maintainers in Queens, NY have been working over 15 months without a contract.

World urges end to Israeli occupation

WASHINGTON – With the toll of dead and wounded Palestinians and Israelis rising, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan told Israel March 12, “You must end the illegal occupation” of Palestine.

Teamsters prepare for UPS contract

IRVING, Tx. – Teamsters are holding mass rallies all over the United States as they prepare to represent over 200,000 members in negotiations with the UPS delivery company. Around 1,500 of them rallied outside the Sheraton Hotel here March 10. Negotiations were scheduled to begin in the hotel a week later.

Labor issues get attention on campus

Graduate assistants at the University of Michigan went on strike March 11 to protest a lack of progress in contract talks, and University of Illinois graduate employees plan to strike next month – their second walkout this school year.

Dear George Love letters of Enrons Ken Lay

AUSTIN, Tx. – “George, Linda and I are incredibly proud of you and Laura,” Enron CEO Ken Lay scrawled at the bottom of a letter he wrote to then-Gov. George W. Bush of Texas, Nov. 11, 1998. For the entire article, click on the headline. To see OpenSecret's special page on Enron's campaign contributions, click here.

International Notes

Human rights campaign in South Africa/Australian minister nixes Kyoto agreement/Russia: U.S. troops could deepen conflicts/Paris strikers win over McDonald’s

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