Cuba urges cooperation to fight drugs

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs this week again proposed agreements for U.S.-Cuban cooperation in fighting drug trafficking, illegal immigration and terrorism.

Communist Party: Stand up for world peace

On April 20 people of goodwill from across our beautiful land will gather in our nation’s capital and demand in one voice that the reckless hand of the warmakers in the White House and elsewhere be stayed.

A ray of hope for peace

TEL AVIV – The renewed efforts of the Bush administration and the European Union (EU) summit, as well as the growing Israeli and international demand for a change in Israel’s policy opening the road to peace, have given rise to a ray of hope, albeit dimmed by continuing bloody events.

Women work: Look at the numbers

According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, the median annual income in the year 2000 for all women working full time was 73 percent of what men earned.

Bush appearance protested

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – On March 18, over 100 people protested a fundraiser for the Senate campaign of Rep. Jim Talent (R-Mo.) at the St. Louis Convention Center. President George W. Bush, the event’s guest of honor, was met with chants as he entered the event.

Housing crisis in Chicago

CHICAGO – Housing is becoming a nightmare for low- and middle-income families here.

Senators nix Pickering

WASHINGTON – Leaders of the movement that blocked Judge Charles W. Pickering from a seat on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals hailed the victory but warned that it will be the opening shot of a “full-blown war over judicial nominations” if George W. Bush continues to nominate hardline extremists to the federal bench. For the entire article, click on the headine. Click to see the press releases put out on this issue by the NAACP, NOW and People for the American Way.

Chronically ill face health dangers

Paul Ginsberg, president of the Center for Studying Health Systems Change (HSC), says there are at least 7.4 million working-age Americans with chronic illnesses who lack any health insurance coverage.

Labor wins elections in So. Calif.

LOS ANGELES – Final election returns from the March 5 California primary once again provided ample proof that voter mobilization efforts by labor and progressive organizations around the state are resulting in some impressive victories.

Celebrating Chvezs dream and vision

In California, the state government will shut down April 1 in tribute to César E. Chávez, the late founder and president of the United Farm Workers (UFW), AFL-CIO. This will mark the second celebration of the official paid state holiday signed into law by Gov. Gray Davis on Aug. 18, 2000. Over 100,000 state workers will receive a paid holiday and children in public schools will participate in a day of service and learning in Chávez’s honor.

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