Actors Guild warns against blacklisting

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The entertainment industry must not blacklist people who speak out against war with Iraq, the Screen Actors Guild said last week.

There is no good news

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ unemployment report for February reminds one of the nightly radio broadcast by the London correspondent of CBS News in the early days of World War II. “There is no good news, tonight,” he would intone, as German armies roared from victory to victory on both the Western and Eastern fronts.

State employees win union rights

ALBUQUERQUE – After 10 years of bitter struggle, New Mexico state employees finally won back their collective bargaining rights when Governor Bill Richardson signed into law these rights at a Round House Ceremony, March 7.

WOMENS HISTORY MONTH: I helped organize the CIO

In the summer of 1937, the labor movement was exploding with the energy of a prairie fire. Millions of workers were flocking into the new CIO and millions more wanted in. I was not quite 19 but I answered the call to help organize the laundry workers of New York City.

Snapshots from the picket line

NEW HAVEN – Nearly 5,000 workers are back on the job and negotiations have resumed at Yale University after a history-making five-day strike.

Labor leader wins Los Angeles Council seat

LOS ANGELES – Former Speaker of the State Assembly Antonio Villaraigosa made history on March 4 when he won an East Los Angeles seat in the 14th council district of the nation’s second largest city.