CPUSA: Restore democracy in Haiti!

In its latest blow for “regime change,” the Bush administration – acting together with some of the world’s most bloodthirsty thugs – has toppled the democratically elected, working people-oriented government of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

From Chicago 7 to Cuban 5

MIAMI – Attorney Leonard Weinglass has taken on tough cases before. Known for his defense of the “Chicago Seven” – leaders of the protesters that interrupted the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago – Weinglass is now representing Antonio Guerrero, one of five Cuban and Cuban-American men unjustly convicted and imprisoned on federal charges.

Baltimore: Fund schools, not war

BALTIMORE – Hundreds of public school students rallied at City Hall here March 9 and marched to the nearby Maryland State Department of Education chanting “Books not bombs” and “Education not incarceration.”

Campuses ring out: Books not Bombs

“Youth and students are going on the offensive,” said Jason Fults, a student organizer for the March 4 nationwide “Books Not Bombs” Day of Action. “We are going to fight back against the rollbacks, fight back against the criminalization of youth, against military recruitment on campuses. click here for Spanish text

Rally denounces White House role in Haiti coup

WASHINGTON – Protesters rallied in front of the White House, March 6, chanting “U.S. out of Haiti, Aristide in” and holding placards proclaiming, “End the U.S. coup in Haiti!”

One year after U.S. attack on Iraq: March 20 peace actions set

Beginning March 19 with nationwide lobbying of members of Congress, moving to vigils, marches and demonstrations on March 20, and culminating in a national call-in to Congress on March 24, Americans across the nation are mobilizing to say “no” to war.

Specter of Iraq haunts Tony Blair

Iraq has become Banquo’s ghost at the feast for Tony Blair, but unlike Macbeth, this time Blair cannot see the ghost and everyone else can.