H.S. students honor International Women’s Day Czech youth fight ‘thought control’ Campus far-right warps freedom of speech New York event raises $14,000


CPUSA call: Oust the GOP in 2006!

NEW YORK — Leaders of the Communist Party USA, meeting here March 4-5, warned that the Bush administration, aided and abetted by the Republican-majority Congress, has plunged the nation into the “worst constitutional crisis since the Civil War.”

S. Dakota passes anti-woman law: Anti-abortion bill hurts poor, part of wider attack on women

South Dakota’s Republican Gov. Mike Rounds set the stage for an epic women’s rights battle when he signed a state law March 6 making all abortions a crime, including in cases of rape, incest and situations endangering the mother’s health. It would only permit abortion to save the woman’s life. En español: