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Paul Robeson exhibit to open in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif.—– A new exhibit highlighting the life and work of legendary artist and political activist Paul Robeson is slated to open at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO), on April 8, the day before the 108th anniversary of his birth


Walkout highlights Chicano history. MOVIE REVIEW

On March 18, the HBO cable television network premiered “Walkout,” a film based on the 1968 protest by thousands of Mexican American students from five East Lost Angeles high schools.


Family portraits. BOOKREVIEW: A Time Before Crack

In the mid 1980s the Americas were changing. Latin America was in an upsurge and U.S.-backed reactionaries were as popular as Adidas jump suits. The Reagan administration was funding the Contras’ attack on the left-wing Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Working-class communities here in the U.S. faced historic crime waves, a new level of joblessness and poverty and an emerging drug epidemic.



Capitalisms ruthless vanguard party

The president may be down in the polls, but his policies are still in place and moving forward. The situation reminds me of the old Texas saying, “That rattlesnake may be hurt, but it still can bite.”


Senators Patty Murray of Washington and Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, both Democrats, are blocking confirmation of President Bush’s latest choice to head the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach. The senators acted in hopes that it will force the FDA to end its disgraceful three-year stall on a promise to make the “morning after” pill available over the counter.


DuPont workers find catalyst for worldwide solidarity FLOC victory for guest workers Umpires plan strike USLAW video Shot in the arm for nurses NLRB: ‘Management tool’


Haiti: High child mortality rate Philippines: Human rights violations Iraq: Aid agencies blocked by U.S. military Mexico: World forum to protect water Botswana: Labor unions join opposition


Cuban medics prepare to leave Pakistan

Members of Cuba’s Henry Reeve Brigade are returning from medical work in Pakistan where they arrived six months ago, six days after the Oct. 8 earthquake. Formed last year, the brigade provides disaster relief anywhere in the world. Henry Reeve was a U.S. volunteer killed in Cuba’s first war for independence.

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