Venezuelas quest to empower the poor

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Nearly 100 students and community activists attended “Forum Venezuela” here March 7 at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The forum, organized by the Columbia Peace Coalition, Mid-Missouri Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Columbia Young Communist League (YCL), shed light on the tremendous changes taking place in Venezuela.

OBITUARY: Elsie Dickerson, 88, CPUSA leader

Elsie Dickerson, longtime chairperson of the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware district of the Communist Party USA, passed away Feb. 21 after a long illness. She was 88.


Long live March Madness

George Mason beats perennial power North Carolina? Wichita State beats Tennessee, Bradley beats Kansas, who would have thought?


Male supremacy is not just womens problem

The oppression of women and the male supremacist ideology that justifies it arose from and has been a part of all class-divided societies. Today it is bound up with capitalist exploitation and the drive for maximum corporate profits.




Union drive crashes the party

CHICAGO — Shirley Brown, 47, works very hard. Every day the 10-year veteran housekeeper with Resurrection Health Care Westlake Hospital here pushes her supply cart through the hospital, mopping, wiping and scrubbing, cleaning waiting rooms, patient-care rooms, bathrooms and countertops. She gets home about 3:45 in the afternoon. Most nights by 6 p.m., she’s exhausted and goes straight to bed.


Chalk one up to solidarity CLCs move on HR 676 CTW says ‘Make work pay Pride at Work hits Ford boycott Iraqi speaker at AFL-CIO Verizon steals union label ‘He’s an angel’



Palestine: Human costs of occupation Japan: Okinawans rally against new U.S. bases Portugal: Communists, left parties discuss European issues Kenya: City slums sit on oil pipeline El Salvador: FMLN woman wins mayoralty

UN, in rebuff to U.S., sets up rights council

UNITED NATIONS — The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution March 15 establishing a new Human Rights Council that will replace the UN’s old, largely discredited Human Rights Commission.

Belarusian voters re-elect president

Belarusian voters re-elected President Alexander Lukashenko for a third term on March 16, handing him 82.6 percent of the vote in very heavy turnout, according to election officials.

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